(CBS NEWS–BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE–JUNE 28TH, 2015)  CBS News is reporting that David Sweat, the lone survivor of the duo who escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, was shot and captured by authorities about 3 miles from the Canadian Border.

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The Woven and Tattered American Fabric…An Editorial

The Supreme Court of the United States just ruled in favor of the Administration about key components of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  However, it didn’t come without some dissent about how the law was crafted to begin with.

Let’s face it.  The Affordable Care Act is law, but, it can be thrown out and reworked and this time with input from the People.  Not politicians, not lobbyists with huge wads of cash, but normal everyday people.

Our American Fabric is tattered with the division, rancor, belligerence, and insanity that has become the new normal the last 8 years.  Race riots, court decisions that have us scratching our heads and many arguments have given America a headache.

Frankly, it’s time we return to what was normal.  To respect each other, to live and work to make America a better place.  Violence is never the answer, but, reason is the answer.

Let a group of non-partisan citizens sit together and draft legislation that will make a difference.  Obviously Congress is busy being on an ego-trip, so let the people do what was supposed to be done, and craft legislation.

We voted them in, and we can vote them out, that is the way this nation works.

Main Twitter handle is back in my control.

As many of you know, I had to get a backup Twitter handle after my main Twitter password was lost…

Today, after years of languishing as @JamesBNews2, I am back at @JamesBNews

I will keep it active, and sign in and such, but, I will be phasing out followers @JamesBNews2 so that I can migrate them to the main one…that means I will be changing back to JamesBNews both on Twitter and Periscope.

If I work for a place that says “News 2” or Channel 2 News, I will resume using that ONLY for professional reasons.  JamesBNews is going to be my main news feed.

Thanks for your patience with me!

James Barcus

Should College Athletes Be Paid? And Is UAB Financially Able to commit?

This is a post from  It asks the question Should College Athletes Be Paid?.

Personally speaking my thought, they are “paid” in the sense of scholarships, room and board, meal plans, tuition/books, and a stipend for other incidental expenses.  Plus they receive sports medicine health care and other health care as necessary with hospitals and clinics on campus and off campus but close by.

There is a question of timing by UAB, though.

Is the University financially capable of supporting the program at its current level, and if not, how can the pork of administrative faculty (i.e. President/Chancellor, Deans, AD, other financial obligations) be trimmed and reassigned to support the program?  If UAB is in dire straits, it should have asked for help from both the Education Trust Fund and The Department of Education.

These questions need to be answered not by UAB itself, but through an independent third-party audit of the financial statements of UAB, plus practices of financial calculation they use need to be audited as well.

The math does not add up, and someone needs to be held responsible.  Dr. Ray Watts in his press conference announcing the return of the programs did not look to be very confident.  In fact, I think he had more doubt than anyone else on campus.  He’s had to hear the chants, see the social media outrage, watch student athletes make an exodus after the programs were imploded by his words, and hamper Coach Bill Clark’s work on the Blazers Football Program.

If the math doesn’t add up, there needs to be an audit.

Dr. Ray Watts knew he messed up, Now he must do the right thing…Resign–EDITORIAL

Dr. Ray Watts reinstated the Football Program, Rifle Program, and Bowling Program after cutting them in December.  This after a huge demand for UA Board of Trustees to #FireRayWatts and #FreeUAB blazed through Blazers Country.

Three things need to happen, and they need to happen right now.

Paul Bryant, Jr. needs to resign, and reimburse the UAB campus for killing the Football, Bowling, and Rifle programs.  He also needs to reimburse the scholarships lost with the slaughter of the Athletics Programs December.

Dr. Ray Watts either needs to resign after completing the transition of the return of the program, or resign immediately and allow a President to move forward with the program to rebuild the Athletics Department.  Yes, while he’s publicly stated he’d been heartbroken over the decision.  His pride is what brought the decision to kill the program to begin with, and Alumni who never supported before now support the program, but with tougher conditions.

2016 is when they will reinstate the program, however, that does not help the players who were let down in the December Decision that killed the program.

Some have taken to Twitter saying that UAB had “SMU’d” themselves.  Bill Clark will remain coach, as Dr. Watts said, but, the true test is with the rally of students and alumni who wanted a decision.  Clark will need the support to continue the activities, and to implode the program only to rebuild it (to me) is the stupidest decision Dr. Ray Watts has made.  It could also be the smartest.

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, the third thing is that UA Board of Trustees need to help UAB Create a new board of trustees and allow UAB and UA Huntsville to become self-supporting.

BREAKING NEWS: UAB Reinstates Football, Rifle, Bowling Programs cut last December


LIVE Stream of Breaking News from ABC 33/40

((BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA–AP/Various Sources))  Dr. Ray Watts, the man at the crosshairs of the campaign to force his resignation after cutting three athletic programs, announced today that the programs will come back, but the efforts will be sided toward the public and alumni.

Facilities “critically needed” will have to be built, according to Watts, who was forced to reconsider his decision after a huge operational deficit was forecast to be present that caused his December Decision to cut the three programs.  Hatton Smith has been chosen to chair fundraising efforts to build facilities.

More Details are forthcoming…stay tuned for details and click the live stream from ABC 33/40.

There will be an editorial on this.  Stay tuned.

BREAKING NEWS: ESPN Reports Swiss Authorities Arrest FIFA Officials in Fraud, Bribery Case for US

((BREAKING NEWS POST))  FIFA is now facing numerous charges as several official s are taken into custody by Swiss Authorities in cooperation with US authorities, that according to ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The officials of FIFA arrested by Swiss Authorities will be extradited to the US to face the charges, which will be announced by newly appointed US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and James Comey, Current FBI Director.

More will be announced tomorrow by the Justice Department in a press conference sometime Wednesday.