Oh, What a mess we have in 2016.

Though Campaign 2016 ends the first Tuesday in November 2016, we have already been exposed to more election related stories this year than in any other year.

It’s a grade-A disaster.

Not only do we have shootings and other crimes of infamy flooding our airwaves and cable channels, we also have the circus that is the greatest show in America…The Donald Trump circus of the Idiots.

Obviously, Donald Trump is not only a shrewd showman, having had success in NBC’s The Apprentice and his real estate empire, but he is having fairly decent success in the campaign so far.

But my question has been, as it is now, “Mr. Trump, are you serious?  Will you continue the campaign long after the opponents rip you about your viewpoints?  Will you keep going even if the tide turns against you?”

One part of my brain knows from experience that the answer could very well be no.  He’s dropped out of the race the last time he ran for President.

But another part of me says that he could very well carry the Republican Nomination, but not be successful in becoming elected.

When Donald Trump announced he was running, I thought it was part of a publicity stunt for The Apprentice.  As the race has continued, and NBC seems to have distanced themselves from the now outspoken candidate, I’m not so sure that it’s a stunt at all.

The one thing I can say, even with the hoopla, is that we should educate ourselves and not rely on talking points in the evening news and news programs.  Read the website, get their unfiltered viewpoints, and get to know them.


BREAKING NEWS: ESPN Reports Swiss Authorities Arrest FIFA Officials in Fraud, Bribery Case for US

((BREAKING NEWS POST))  FIFA is now facing numerous charges as several official s are taken into custody by Swiss Authorities in cooperation with US authorities, that according to ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The officials of FIFA arrested by Swiss Authorities will be extradited to the US to face the charges, which will be announced by newly appointed US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and James Comey, Current FBI Director.

More will be announced tomorrow by the Justice Department in a press conference sometime Wednesday.

EDITORIAL–So it’s time to move on…Let him go!

Apparently, one member of One Direction is going in a different direction, after 5 years with the band.  Zayn Malik said he was leaving to relieve stress after he walked from the world tour they embarked on.  He released a statement today officially leaving the band.

That’s a good thing…or is it?

It depends on who you ask.

If you ask some of the fans on Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, it’s a tragedy and they will be dressed in black forever.

If you ask people like me, it’s great that he is finding himself as both an artist and entertainer.

Does this mean he still is a part of the band, you bet!

Does this mean it’s something to be obsessed over?  To me, No way!  Some will obsess, there is no doubt, however, it is a cause for concern if someone does have major issues with it.

One Direction will move forward, with or without Zayn Malik.

The many fans who still want him in the band has comfort that they have downloads and CD’s of the band with Zayn on them.  At least that is some consolation to the decision by Zayn to leave.

And who knows, Zayn may return in some form, maybe on a reunion tour.

That’s my thought.

Cleveland Officers and City of Cleveland sued by Rice Family

PDF of the Lawsuit filed by estate of Tamir Rice

(VARIOUS SOURCES)  Managing Editor’s Note:  I wanted to bring the full document of this lawsuit up top for a format change.  –JB

The family of Tamir Rice has filed a federal lawsuit against the officers who confronted him and the City of Cleveland.

Among the charges alleged in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio against Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback are use of excessive force, deprivation of civil rights, and failure to secure medical attention for Rice in connection with the November 22, 2014 shooting.  The lawsuit also alleges that the City of Cleveland hiring practices failed to address serious deficiencies in training and supervision of the officers.  The Complete lawsuit is available in the link above.

This makes the third municipality where police officers have targeted African-Americans in lethal force.  The New York Police Department has dealt with the death of Eric Garner for months after Garner died from a chokehold by an officer and Ferguson, Missouri has had businesses burned because of the verdict in the grand jury investigation of now former Officer Darren Wilson, who resigned days after the Grand Jury could not indict him based on the evidence and testimony presented.

All three situations have caused the Justice Department to release new guidelines regarding racial profiling.  The full memorandum is available here.  The new memo “supersedes” a 2003 memorandum sent out under the term of former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Both Wilson and the NYPD officer were not indicted, and that caused protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri and across the nation.

Critics are asking why Police Departments are considering those whom they are sworn to “serve and protect” as their enemy.

Federal Investigations are underway still in Ferguson, Missouri; New York, New York; and now Cleveland, Ohio.  They involve Civil Rights and Police Procedures.

Stay Tuned to this story as it is a developing situation and will be updated as details are provided.

BREAKING NEWS: Napa Valley site of 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake.




This is a breaking news item, and developments are anticipated.  Please tune in to the stream Special Report – The News With james Barcus for further details.

Damage is already being estimated and fires are raging at some mobile homes this morning after a Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake struck at 3:20AM Pacific time in Napa Valley near San Francisco.  Nearly 90 people were injured in connection with the earthquake, and more are expected as the damage is assessed.  Most are being treated in the triage unit without being admitted to the hospital, though some were admitted into the hospital.  Three are in critical condition with a child transferred to a pediatric trauma center.  The quake did do some damage at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa, but the hospital still remains open.

Governor Jerry Brown  has declared a state of Emergency this morning just before 10AM Pacific.  The Governor had stated the office of emergency management has been in full activation mode since early this morning.  There is expected to be a Federal Disaster Declaration request submitted today.

KGO-TV has reported aftershocks have been taking place varying in the 2.0 to 3.0 Magnitude measurements.  A magnitude 3.6 aftershock was detected four miles south of Napa at 5:47 AM this morning.  More aftershocks are expected in the coming hours and days.

Numerous water lines, sprinklers, and main pipes have broken, hampering firefighting efforts in a mobile home community in Napa Valley as one home was completely engulfed and melted down in the aftermath of the quake.  Four mobile homes were destroyed at that park.  

Retrofitted buildings in Napa weren’t immune to the quake, with one building losing a vacant office to the quake, with bricks and other building components taking out awnings and a tree near the office building.

Another building had a facade that was leaning forward and some concrete work was damaged.  The Napa United Methodist Church cancelled services today.

Some minor highway damage was spotted in the aftermath of the quake and aftermath.  California Highway 121 at California Highway 129 has a large crack across the road.  The California Highway Patrol reported this morning that the California Highway 37 westbound off-ramp leading to Interstate 80 westbound was closed due to possible damage, and they are on-scene inspecting for damage.

A shelter has been set up at Napa High School at 2475  to house victims of the earthquake this morning.

BREAKING NEWS: Actor/Comedian Robin Williams Dead at 63


(TNWJB Newsroom–Various Sources)  Robin Williams, actor/comedian/voice actor, was found dead today in Marin Co., California, according to the Sheriff of Marin Co., CA and Williams’ publicist.  He was 63.

Williams was a stand-up comedian who was very popular on HBO with stand up acts that included “Live on Broadway” in 2002 and “Weapons of Self Destruction” in 2011.  Williams got his TV start in a revival of NBC’s Laugh-in, but was more famous in Mork & Mindy that aired on ABC and was recently in The Crazy Ones that aired on CBS.  He starred in movies such as Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, and more.

Williams took news items and spun them in hyper-warp with his wit, often jaded and callous.  “Live on Broadway” was done in the months after the September 11th attacks on New York, with some critics wondering if it was too soon to have Williams do his show.  Laughter, as it is said, was and is the best medicine.

Williams was an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar Winner.  He also worked on Broadway, and was just as capable playing the dramatic as he was leaving the audience in stitches.  Williams is missed already, and his work is available where DVD’s are sold.

This is a developing news item and will be updated as quickly as possible as facts come in.  Sources attributed include CBS News, WIAT/The Associated Press, FOX 11-KTTV/FOX News, Wikipedia (verified with IMDB), CBS app for iPad-The Crazy Ones, and ABC News.  

BREAKING NEWS: James Brady dead at 73


FLASH: Breaking News from CBS Radio News: Former Press Secretary James Brady, shot during the attempt on President Ronald Reagan, has died today, he was 73, and had been confined to a wheelchair after being shot. He retained the title of Press Secretary for the duration of the Reagan Presidency. Repeating, Former Press Secretary James Brady is dead at 73, and he was shot in the attempt on President Reagan’s life in 1981.