Hypocrites silencing those in dissent. (EDITORIAL)

Last night, during the debate on the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions, (R) Alabama as Attorney General of the United States, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was effectively silenced as she quoted from a letter written by Coretta Scott King.  The letter was written before Sessions became Senator and while he was being nominated for a Judicial Position back in the mid 80’s.

Rule 19 was invoked by Senator Mitch McConnell, (R) Kentucky, to silence Warren, who has been an outspoken advocate for full and fair debate on all things.  Specifically, Item 2 in Rule 19 states:

2. No Senator in debate shall, directly or indirectly, by any form of words impute to another Senator or to other Senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a Senator.

If Warren’s words caused injury to anyone, it caused injury to the Republicans who had a desire to shoehorn Sessions into office as Attorney General.  While I believe in having a fully operating cabinet for the President, I also believe that our Founding Fathers desired that the litmus test be administered fully and without preferential treatment.  That Litmus Test includes full and impartial debate to lead to a full and fair vote.

If that vote were to take place now, not all the facts would be out and not everything would be fought over on this in a civil debate, and you can’t have that while partisan silencing of the minority party takes place.

If anyone is divorced from reality, it’s the Republican Party for not facing their choices in the mirror.  Talk about hypocrites silencing dissent.


Oh, What a mess we have in 2016.

Though Campaign 2016 ends the first Tuesday in November 2016, we have already been exposed to more election related stories this year than in any other year.

It’s a grade-A disaster.

Not only do we have shootings and other crimes of infamy flooding our airwaves and cable channels, we also have the circus that is the greatest show in America…The Donald Trump circus of the Idiots.

Obviously, Donald Trump is not only a shrewd showman, having had success in NBC’s The Apprentice and his real estate empire, but he is having fairly decent success in the campaign so far.

But my question has been, as it is now, “Mr. Trump, are you serious?  Will you continue the campaign long after the opponents rip you about your viewpoints?  Will you keep going even if the tide turns against you?”

One part of my brain knows from experience that the answer could very well be no.  He’s dropped out of the race the last time he ran for President.

But another part of me says that he could very well carry the Republican Nomination, but not be successful in becoming elected.

When Donald Trump announced he was running, I thought it was part of a publicity stunt for The Apprentice.  As the race has continued, and NBC seems to have distanced themselves from the now outspoken candidate, I’m not so sure that it’s a stunt at all.

The one thing I can say, even with the hoopla, is that we should educate ourselves and not rely on talking points in the evening news and news programs.  Read the website, get their unfiltered viewpoints, and get to know them.

When will “anonymous” sources have the guts to put their name to wild rumors? (UPDATED)

As I write this update in italics, I found this post and remembered that this all started with an overzealous media wanting to put who they want in the hot seat, not who is best qualified.  Four games into the 2016 season, Les Miles was fired by LSU, and I couldn’t help but think the same now as I did when I first wrote this piece.  

All weekend, news outlets all over the nation, and ESPN as well, fanned the flames of a possible disposition of employment of Louisiana State University Tigers head coach Les Miles.

Of course, now ESPN backtracks and says that the rumors of Les Miles career demise are greatly exaggerated.

All of the reporting surrounding this situation was citing “anonymous sources” or otherwise, the people who wouldn’t put their names on it.

Some Loyalty.

Now, Les Miles can do what Tommy Tubberville did at Auburn after the Board of Trustees tried to get rid of him at Auburn.  Miles, like Tubberville back then, now has carte blanc to really get what he wants at LSU.  Though, it does come with one caveat…

Miles must strike a balance between getting what he wants and potentially bankrupting the college and boosters.

LSU has more than just Miles’ career in consideration.  They now have to deal with who let out the rumors and caused the situation that played out on sports talk and television.

The key now is who was responsible for the rumors.  Who should go for potentially causing a very bad public relations nightmare for the University?

The way I look at it is this.  Never say anything that you can’t put your name to.  If you can’t go on the record, don’t say it.  And if you’re going to say it, put your name with it and take responsibility.

“Anonymous sources” clearly makes the issue hard to grasp, so when I do become a journalist, I will not use anonymous sources except in critical situations, not the potential change of a head coach’s job, but something more real of a clear and present danger.

Stop hiding behind “anonymous” and start having strength to put your name where the “facts” are.


Animal Cruelty: The Innocent Ones EDITORIAL

I’m including the coverage of the Animal Cruelty investigation by Moulton, Alabama Police Department from WHNT News 19.  It’s available here.

I have two dogs I love and care for, both are mother and daughter.  Both are spoiled, and well taken care of as best as we can with what we can afford as a family.

We are satisfied with two dogs in our house, and that is well.

The Coverage from WHNT News 19 showed me what cruelty is.  It’s not just beating an animal, or not feeding them, it’s hoarding them, keeping them in very unkempt conditions and not providing the basic necessities like medical attention, clean water, good and nutritious food.

Moulton Police Department asked the ASPCA to help in the investigation, and many of the dogs need medical attention.  They are getting it and it is very fortunate for the ASPCA to help law enforcement in this regard.

I have an idea for the action that should be taken.

For the now former director of the Animal Shelter in Lawrence County, Alabama, the maximum of the law should be levied on her for cruelty to animals, fraud against the County, and whatever other charges turn up in the investigation.  Her “home” which doubled as her shelter should be seized, inspected, and razed to build a new shelter for the animals, and this time the Lawrence County Commission needs to do it right, and not go about it cheaply.  It was their greed that caused this, and any commissioner who brought this on should at the very least resign.

As for the dogs who are in the middle of this process and the innocent ones without a voice, they should receive loving homes with people who will take very good care of them.  And those who can’t adopt should help spread the message to make a contribution to the ASPCA to help them perform the essential life saving work they do each and every day.

I want to commend Al Whitaker, reporter for WHNT, and former Shoals Bureau Chief for that other station…WAAY, for the most excellent work he’s been doing on this story.

Taking Action, Getting Results in the process.

If you want to help the ASPCA, Here’s a link to them.

Should College Athletes Be Paid? And Is UAB Financially Able to commit?

This is a post from BelowAverageWriter.com.  It asks the question Should College Athletes Be Paid?.

Personally speaking my thought, they are “paid” in the sense of scholarships, room and board, meal plans, tuition/books, and a stipend for other incidental expenses.  Plus they receive sports medicine health care and other health care as necessary with hospitals and clinics on campus and off campus but close by.

There is a question of timing by UAB, though.

Is the University financially capable of supporting the program at its current level, and if not, how can the pork of administrative faculty (i.e. President/Chancellor, Deans, AD, other financial obligations) be trimmed and reassigned to support the program?  If UAB is in dire straits, it should have asked for help from both the Education Trust Fund and The Department of Education.

These questions need to be answered not by UAB itself, but through an independent third-party audit of the financial statements of UAB, plus practices of financial calculation they use need to be audited as well.

The math does not add up, and someone needs to be held responsible.  Dr. Ray Watts in his press conference announcing the return of the programs did not look to be very confident.  In fact, I think he had more doubt than anyone else on campus.  He’s had to hear the chants, see the social media outrage, watch student athletes make an exodus after the programs were imploded by his words, and hamper Coach Bill Clark’s work on the Blazers Football Program.

If the math doesn’t add up, there needs to be an audit.

BREAKING NEWS: ESPN Reports Swiss Authorities Arrest FIFA Officials in Fraud, Bribery Case for US

((BREAKING NEWS POST))  FIFA is now facing numerous charges as several official s are taken into custody by Swiss Authorities in cooperation with US authorities, that according to ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The officials of FIFA arrested by Swiss Authorities will be extradited to the US to face the charges, which will be announced by newly appointed US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and James Comey, Current FBI Director.

More will be announced tomorrow by the Justice Department in a press conference sometime Wednesday.