Animal Cruelty: The Innocent Ones EDITORIAL

I’m including the coverage of the Animal Cruelty investigation by Moulton, Alabama Police Department from WHNT News 19.  It’s available here.

I have two dogs I love and care for, both are mother and daughter.  Both are spoiled, and well taken care of as best as we can with what we can afford as a family.

We are satisfied with two dogs in our house, and that is well.

The Coverage from WHNT News 19 showed me what cruelty is.  It’s not just beating an animal, or not feeding them, it’s hoarding them, keeping them in very unkempt conditions and not providing the basic necessities like medical attention, clean water, good and nutritious food.

Moulton Police Department asked the ASPCA to help in the investigation, and many of the dogs need medical attention.  They are getting it and it is very fortunate for the ASPCA to help law enforcement in this regard.

I have an idea for the action that should be taken.

For the now former director of the Animal Shelter in Lawrence County, Alabama, the maximum of the law should be levied on her for cruelty to animals, fraud against the County, and whatever other charges turn up in the investigation.  Her “home” which doubled as her shelter should be seized, inspected, and razed to build a new shelter for the animals, and this time the Lawrence County Commission needs to do it right, and not go about it cheaply.  It was their greed that caused this, and any commissioner who brought this on should at the very least resign.

As for the dogs who are in the middle of this process and the innocent ones without a voice, they should receive loving homes with people who will take very good care of them.  And those who can’t adopt should help spread the message to make a contribution to the ASPCA to help them perform the essential life saving work they do each and every day.

I want to commend Al Whitaker, reporter for WHNT, and former Shoals Bureau Chief for that other station…WAAY, for the most excellent work he’s been doing on this story.

Taking Action, Getting Results in the process.

If you want to help the ASPCA, Here’s a link to them.



Yes, I treated this headline for this editorial with the yelling I wanted to do from behind the camera as I was capturing some everyday rail traffic in LaGrange, GA.

I saw something disturbing, NO ONE for a full 2 minutes before the train got to the crossing took regard for the gates.  They drove around the gates, taking a huge gamble with their lives and cars, trucks, and vans.  I have it on videotape, and I will post it.

I don’t know who you are or why you chose this day, March 27th, 2015, to cross the tracks with the gates down and the train coming down the tracks, but I want you to think for a second about what you’re doing.  I want you to think about who you will leave behind if you lose the gamble next time.  If the train were to crash into your car it would be your fault since you disregarded the safety barriers, gates, flashing lights, and other necessary precautions to get to your next destination.

Still, the railroad gets the bad reputation because they are in the way.  Think about it, how much of your grocery items came by way of Truck, Train, and other methods of transit?  Pretty much every bit of it.  They have not perfected the Transporter yet from Star Trek, so it’s going to be a long, long time before anything gets sent by way of intergalactic technology.

Railroads OWN the right of way, and they put crossing gates and lights for YOUR safety, so YOU can stop and know a train that OWNS its’ right of way is coming through.  Too many stories I’ve seen recently about people taking a gamble with trains and losing have brought me to the point of making this statement.

So, find the Youtube video below, and see your car making the crossing while the gates are down, and then think about it.  When the train collides with your car, who will you be hurting the most?  Your friends, family, the community, yes, because it is a SENSELESS tragedy when a car gets hit by a train for such negligence of the driver’s part.  Your part!

The automobile is a great thing, but your life is even greater.  Please think about it before you cross through that gate next time.

James M. Barcus

Anchor/Managing Editor/Blogger
The News with James Barcus


Editorial–If you have no income and you’re older than 26, You’re just out of luck…Obama-Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obamacare” has been a favorite punching bag of Congress.

What about for the Americans who have been out of luck, especially in Alabama where Medicaid Coverage has not been expanded, where college students don’t have many choices for the healthcare they need.

I’m type II Diabetic, and I can’t afford the $75 per visit, nor can I afford the emergency room bill every other year just to get the care I need…frankly, if I were to take the most drastic measure, I’d be better off Dead under “ObamaCare”.

And my experience with the help center in the website has been so far from lackluster it’s not even funny, it’s grotesque to be more precise in my disgust with the whole situation.  Frankly, I say fire the whole crew and start over from scratch.

Obviously, the health care system was broken to begin with, but people like me deserve so much better than what we are getting, which is a lot of impotent politicians throwing copious amounts of hot air out and contributing to Global Warming…hell, it’s London Broil by now.

Congress is obsessed with deflating, defunding, and dismantling “ObamaCare”, but until a better solution that is more accommodating for those of us who have no money to get plans through the private way, unless we sell our organs on the black market to pay for it, there is no other way out than the way we have had PRIOR to “ObamaCare”.

While we are on the subject, there is one hospital that needs to be taken over and owned, and that is Randolph Medical Center’s former location on Highway 22.  Regional Medical Center has a golden opportunity to help the people of Roanoke by operating this location as a satellite ER and facility to RMC in Anniston.

Cleveland Officers and City of Cleveland sued by Rice Family

PDF of the Lawsuit filed by estate of Tamir Rice

(VARIOUS SOURCES)  Managing Editor’s Note:  I wanted to bring the full document of this lawsuit up top for a format change.  –JB

The family of Tamir Rice has filed a federal lawsuit against the officers who confronted him and the City of Cleveland.

Among the charges alleged in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio against Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback are use of excessive force, deprivation of civil rights, and failure to secure medical attention for Rice in connection with the November 22, 2014 shooting.  The lawsuit also alleges that the City of Cleveland hiring practices failed to address serious deficiencies in training and supervision of the officers.  The Complete lawsuit is available in the link above.

This makes the third municipality where police officers have targeted African-Americans in lethal force.  The New York Police Department has dealt with the death of Eric Garner for months after Garner died from a chokehold by an officer and Ferguson, Missouri has had businesses burned because of the verdict in the grand jury investigation of now former Officer Darren Wilson, who resigned days after the Grand Jury could not indict him based on the evidence and testimony presented.

All three situations have caused the Justice Department to release new guidelines regarding racial profiling.  The full memorandum is available here.  The new memo “supersedes” a 2003 memorandum sent out under the term of former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Both Wilson and the NYPD officer were not indicted, and that caused protests and riots in Ferguson, Missouri and across the nation.

Critics are asking why Police Departments are considering those whom they are sworn to “serve and protect” as their enemy.

Federal Investigations are underway still in Ferguson, Missouri; New York, New York; and now Cleveland, Ohio.  They involve Civil Rights and Police Procedures.

Stay Tuned to this story as it is a developing situation and will be updated as details are provided.


This picture came from Facebook.

This picture came from Facebook user Vertis Hawkins by way of Michael Tiller, who shared it with his followers.  A Woman is holding the child in one arm with a gun (not sure if it’s real or fake) in the other hand.

I warned that this would be a graphic picture.

Obviously, the gun appears real, as there are no markings to indicate the gun is either fake or a toy.  The look of panic in the eyes of the child is real, from what I could see of the picture.

The smile on the holder’s face is real.  However, most of society does not see anything amusing or even mildly humorous about holding a gun to a face of innocence.

We as society must condemn such acts of wanton stupidity for what it is.  It is causing terror for the child, as it has me.

If I had a gun pointed at me…I would either drop to the floor hard, faint, do something in my pants, or a myriad of other possibilities.

To the “adult” in the picture, I am going to shout this with all caps for the intended reaction from me.  THAT GUN IS NOT A TOY!  IT IS A DANGEROUS WEAPON AND SHOULD BE HANDLED WITH THE UTMOST CONSIDERATION FOR SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY.  WHAT YOU DID WAS A BONEHEAD MOVE!

Wherever this picture came from, I pray the authorities in that area are looking into this and taking all appropriate moves, including obtaining an arrest warrant for Child Endangerment and cruelty to children.  This woman, whoever she is, made a bonehead move and must pay the price.  If the woman in the picture is adult enough to hold a gun to a child’s face, she’s adult enough to do hard time.  Of course, this is my opinion and not reflective of the judiciary in the jurisdiction where she could be tried.

As for the child, they deserve much better than what they have at the moment.  To be free of this fear and the cruelty that one moment in time frozen forever shows.

My Last Word on this, folks, is that any picture is worth a thousand words.  Don’t make that word Stupid.

My message to Wal-Mart, “Take Responsibility and do the right thing!”

In an article in the Associated Press yesterday, Tracy Morgan said he “can’t believe” Wal-Mart’s assertion that he and others were partly to blame for their injuries in the accident involving a Wal-Mart truck and Morgan’s limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike, the same accident that killed a friend of his riding with him.

David Porter wrote the AP article which included a statement released by Morgan’s publicist.

Brooke Buchanan, spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, issued a statement Tuesday, stating the company filed the response as legally required “…that included facts and defenses that may impact the case moving forward.”

The Complete article will be shared on

Now, having said this brief bit from the AP article, I am sure that Tracy Morgan is shocked by the swift turn that has taken place.  Not only has the truck driver taken away more than a month of Morgan’s life with hospitalization, and numerous months and continuous rehab for the injuries sustained, but now the Company, Wal-Mart, is saying that Morgan and his entourage were not buckled up in the limousine.

Kevin Roper, the trucker from Jonesboro, Georgia who drove for Wal-Mart that night and did not sleep for more than 24 hours on the night he crashed into Morgan’s limousine, which was clearly a violation of New Jersey law, has plead not guilty to death by auto and other charges.

Here’s my question, “Wal-Mart, why can’t you admit your wrongdoing in this by taking the corporate responsibility that you initially said you would take and do the right thing?  Why is it so hard for you to do the right thing than to do the cheapest thing?”

Hi, Wal-Mart, Roper drove for you, and violated the law.  Surely dispatchers were aware or made known about Roper’s disposition, and should have taken responsibility for it.  Roper slammed into Tracey Morgan’s limousine as Morgan’s limo driver obeyed the law, as he or she was required to do under the law.  Roper and Wal-Mart, both parties that night because Wal-Mart’s freight and trailer were right there on the scene, violated the law and labor laws requiring rest for exhausted drivers.  So let me ask S. Robson Walton, son of the Founder of Wal-Mart, why the company his Father built back in the day and did the right thing is no longer doing the right thing?  Yes, I am asking him this very question through this medium, and I will practically guarantee you that he won’t see this, because he and his family are well insulated by corporate lackeys who want nothing better than a big fat corporate bottom line.

The Bottom Line from me is, Wal-Mart needs to do the right thing and take responsibility.  And to do so, they need to amend the filing and expeditiously settle with Morgan for what he needs and has costs for already, plus pain and suffering and future expenses.  Then, Mr. Walton, find those who started this mess to begin with by allowing Roper to drive that far and without sleep, seize their benefits and profit-sharing, turn them over to prosecutors, and then make the kind of positive changes that will make the company stronger after this by taking more responsibility and being accountable.

In short, Mr. Walton, Make Wal-Mart take responsibility for the mistakes and learn and grow from them.

Ever wondered how to keep your Child’s Facebook Profile safe?

There is something about Facebook that is a blessing and curse at the same time.  The Drama and flair for the crisis in Facebook has brought ire to both Parents and law enforcement officials.

Facebook is a very effective tool for bullies as they can hide in the cloak of secrecy and belittle worse than in person.

My solution, personally speaking, is to balance letting your kids have the Facebook account with supervision.  How long or short a time you desire to supervise is up to you and your best judgment.

Find attached to this post is a Word document I made with a template that you can edit and customize for your needs.


For some it might be a pain and the kids will almost roll their eyes, but I can say this that it is at least something that can help them be safe.

The best way we can protect our Kids today is to be proactive in that protection.  This Memo that I created with a template from Microsoft Office is one way to do that.