Redmond, Washington…We have a huge problem…

Recently, Microsoft pushed Windows 10 to all who have not installed it yet.  While the one computer I had installed Windows 10 in was working correctly, recent glitches have forced me to revert my traveling laptop with touchscreen to Windows 8.1.

I have spent many months trying and failing to get Windows 10 to work properly for the professional laptop, but having (until tonight) success with the touch screen laptop running it.

Now that I have seen it fail miserably, I fail to see why Microsoft would push such a crappy product into consumers’ PC’s.

To me, Microsoft has lost its’ vision, and should go back to the drawing board for the most comprehensive transformation of an operating system from one that is begrudgingly purchased with several expletives said about the purchase to one that consumers would really enjoy.

Windows 95 was a great OS, so too was Windows 98, 2000 was OK, from what I have heard.  Meanwhile, Windows ME was a disaster, XP did fairly better, Windows 7 is phenomenal, Windows 8 was the belly flop, Windows 8.1 did OK…and 10 did good until several glitches took hold of the registry and decided to crap totally out.

After a rebuild of the Operating system, I will not update to Windows 10.

Frankly, if I could turn both machines to Macs, I would.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to want to do that…


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