New Year, New Look, Same Focus

Hi, Everyone!  Welcome to a new year and this is a new look…I hope you like it.

I’ve been super busy the last month.  Filming railfan locations and now writing contributing articles to does occupy a good chunk of my day.

I did not want to leave this page neglected.  So, I decided to spruce things up with a new look.  I cleaned out a few things that I felt weren’t needed anymore, but this still is a great page to send news to.

I’m doing good, and it’s been a financial struggle with college, so I am back home in Alabama for now until I can get more financing straightened out.  I also intend to change my major, so I will be focusing more on Weather related items in the future, in fact, I could make it “The Weather with James Barcus” and still do fine with it.

But, The News is here, and so am I.