Oh, What a mess we have in 2016.

Though Campaign 2016 ends the first Tuesday in November 2016, we have already been exposed to more election related stories this year than in any other year.

It’s a grade-A disaster.

Not only do we have shootings and other crimes of infamy flooding our airwaves and cable channels, we also have the circus that is the greatest show in America…The Donald Trump circus of the Idiots.

Obviously, Donald Trump is not only a shrewd showman, having had success in NBC’s The Apprentice and his real estate empire, but he is having fairly decent success in the campaign so far.

But my question has been, as it is now, “Mr. Trump, are you serious?  Will you continue the campaign long after the opponents rip you about your viewpoints?  Will you keep going even if the tide turns against you?”

One part of my brain knows from experience that the answer could very well be no.  He’s dropped out of the race the last time he ran for President.

But another part of me says that he could very well carry the Republican Nomination, but not be successful in becoming elected.

When Donald Trump announced he was running, I thought it was part of a publicity stunt for The Apprentice.  As the race has continued, and NBC seems to have distanced themselves from the now outspoken candidate, I’m not so sure that it’s a stunt at all.

The one thing I can say, even with the hoopla, is that we should educate ourselves and not rely on talking points in the evening news and news programs.  Read the website, get their unfiltered viewpoints, and get to know them.