Residents: $750,000 Water Fountains In Inwood’s Isham Park Don’t Work

Money at work…or lack of work…

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It cost $750,000 to install two water fountains in Isham Park in Inwood, and now the fountains don’t even work.

As CBS2’s Scott Rapoport reported, people at the park in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood said something does not add up.

Nearby residents said they were thrilled when the city Department of Parks and Recreation decided to slake their thirst for two much-needed water fountains in the park. They are the only water fountains anywhere in the historic park, located west of Broadway between approximately 211th and 214th streets.

But after years’ worth of construction at the cost of three quarters of a million dollars –- which also included some irrigation systems for park maintenance – nobody was happy that the fountains were not working.

“Water, please come out,” Juiek Buttgench of Inwood said as he bent over the fountain. “We need the water.”

And that is…

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