Should College Athletes Be Paid? And Is UAB Financially Able to commit?

This is a post from  It asks the question Should College Athletes Be Paid?.

Personally speaking my thought, they are “paid” in the sense of scholarships, room and board, meal plans, tuition/books, and a stipend for other incidental expenses.  Plus they receive sports medicine health care and other health care as necessary with hospitals and clinics on campus and off campus but close by.

There is a question of timing by UAB, though.

Is the University financially capable of supporting the program at its current level, and if not, how can the pork of administrative faculty (i.e. President/Chancellor, Deans, AD, other financial obligations) be trimmed and reassigned to support the program?  If UAB is in dire straits, it should have asked for help from both the Education Trust Fund and The Department of Education.

These questions need to be answered not by UAB itself, but through an independent third-party audit of the financial statements of UAB, plus practices of financial calculation they use need to be audited as well.

The math does not add up, and someone needs to be held responsible.  Dr. Ray Watts in his press conference announcing the return of the programs did not look to be very confident.  In fact, I think he had more doubt than anyone else on campus.  He’s had to hear the chants, see the social media outrage, watch student athletes make an exodus after the programs were imploded by his words, and hamper Coach Bill Clark’s work on the Blazers Football Program.

If the math doesn’t add up, there needs to be an audit.


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