Dr. Ray Watts knew he messed up, Now he must do the right thing…Resign–EDITORIAL

Dr. Ray Watts reinstated the Football Program, Rifle Program, and Bowling Program after cutting them in December.  This after a huge demand for UA Board of Trustees to #FireRayWatts and #FreeUAB blazed through Blazers Country.

Three things need to happen, and they need to happen right now.

Paul Bryant, Jr. needs to resign, and reimburse the UAB campus for killing the Football, Bowling, and Rifle programs.  He also needs to reimburse the scholarships lost with the slaughter of the Athletics Programs December.

Dr. Ray Watts either needs to resign after completing the transition of the return of the program, or resign immediately and allow a President to move forward with the program to rebuild the Athletics Department.  Yes, while he’s publicly stated he’d been heartbroken over the decision.  His pride is what brought the decision to kill the program to begin with, and Alumni who never supported before now support the program, but with tougher conditions.

2016 is when they will reinstate the program, however, that does not help the players who were let down in the December Decision that killed the program.

Some have taken to Twitter saying that UAB had “SMU’d” themselves.  Bill Clark will remain coach, as Dr. Watts said, but, the true test is with the rally of students and alumni who wanted a decision.  Clark will need the support to continue the activities, and to implode the program only to rebuild it (to me) is the stupidest decision Dr. Ray Watts has made.  It could also be the smartest.

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, the third thing is that UA Board of Trustees need to help UAB Create a new board of trustees and allow UAB and UA Huntsville to become self-supporting.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Ray Watts knew he messed up, Now he must do the right thing…Resign–EDITORIAL

  1. I wonder if UAB football makes enough money to support itself?

    • That would be something a financial audit of the entire university would bring to light. I’ll personally edit this post to call for such.

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