BREAKING NEWS: ESPN Reports Swiss Authorities Arrest FIFA Officials in Fraud, Bribery Case for US

((BREAKING NEWS POST))  FIFA is now facing numerous charges as several official s are taken into custody by Swiss Authorities in cooperation with US authorities, that according to ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The officials of FIFA arrested by Swiss Authorities will be extradited to the US to face the charges, which will be announced by newly appointed US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and James Comey, Current FBI Director.

More will be announced tomorrow by the Justice Department in a press conference sometime Wednesday.


College students do need to stand up for their rights.–EDITORIAL

In a story from Fox 5 News Atlanta’s Patty Pan, a Kennesaw State University student had been threatened with campus security just for waiting for his different advisor to answer a few questions for him…but a different advisor considered his waiting there threatening and ordered him to leave.

While we don’t know what happened before she strolled out in the video, and we don’t know what dealings the advisor had with the student, we do know that based on the conduct of the advisor, it has created a hostile environment for students.

The official release from Kennesaw State University reads:  “Kennesaw State is dedicated to providing a positive academic experience for all students,” said Ken Harmon, Kennesaw State’s provost and vice president for academic affairs. “We also have a responsibility to provide all students, faculty and staff with a fair and thorough review process.”  (A PDF of the statement is below)

Kennesaw State University Statement on incident with Advisor

Race relations in the nation has come at an all time high with not only the unfortunate bigotry on all sides of the race issue, from the President’s condemnation of Fox News to the white’s disrespect and calling into question his birthplace.  All of this tension is threatening to explode like a lit powder keg that it is.

It’s not just black students that get the elitist attitude from different advisors, white students get it too, every race encounters an elitist at one time in their life or another and it’s an irritant.

College students also are pushed into processes like the one Abby Dawson, the advisor named and pictured in the video who confronted the student in a hostile manner and threatened Campus Security on him, described.  Sometimes students do overlook the process when they pay for their college tuition, but, we also have rights that people like Mrs. Dawson infringed on, and that is the right to express our concerns and ask questions so that we get the beneficial experience of the education we pay for.  Sleepless nights, cramming and studying, working hard, they are all part of that journey, to get that tassel and walk across the stage with degree in hand and the President of the college shaking your hand on a job well done.

When advisors like Mrs. Dawson act hostile towards the student, I personally question why they got in that line of work to begin with.  What made them advisors for students?  And who taught them to be callous with them?

Maybe these questions can be answered in the midst of the investigation.  I won’t cast judgment on the advisor until all the facts come out, but, she really needs to figure out her direction in career.