Yes, I treated this headline for this editorial with the yelling I wanted to do from behind the camera as I was capturing some everyday rail traffic in LaGrange, GA.

I saw something disturbing, NO ONE for a full 2 minutes before the train got to the crossing took regard for the gates.  They drove around the gates, taking a huge gamble with their lives and cars, trucks, and vans.  I have it on videotape, and I will post it.

I don’t know who you are or why you chose this day, March 27th, 2015, to cross the tracks with the gates down and the train coming down the tracks, but I want you to think for a second about what you’re doing.  I want you to think about who you will leave behind if you lose the gamble next time.  If the train were to crash into your car it would be your fault since you disregarded the safety barriers, gates, flashing lights, and other necessary precautions to get to your next destination.

Still, the railroad gets the bad reputation because they are in the way.  Think about it, how much of your grocery items came by way of Truck, Train, and other methods of transit?  Pretty much every bit of it.  They have not perfected the Transporter yet from Star Trek, so it’s going to be a long, long time before anything gets sent by way of intergalactic technology.

Railroads OWN the right of way, and they put crossing gates and lights for YOUR safety, so YOU can stop and know a train that OWNS its’ right of way is coming through.  Too many stories I’ve seen recently about people taking a gamble with trains and losing have brought me to the point of making this statement.

So, find the Youtube video below, and see your car making the crossing while the gates are down, and then think about it.  When the train collides with your car, who will you be hurting the most?  Your friends, family, the community, yes, because it is a SENSELESS tragedy when a car gets hit by a train for such negligence of the driver’s part.  Your part!

The automobile is a great thing, but your life is even greater.  Please think about it before you cross through that gate next time.

James M. Barcus

Anchor/Managing Editor/Blogger
The News with James Barcus



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