EDITORIAL–So it’s time to move on…Let him go!

Apparently, one member of One Direction is going in a different direction, after 5 years with the band.  Zayn Malik said he was leaving to relieve stress after he walked from the world tour they embarked on.  He released a statement today officially leaving the band.

That’s a good thing…or is it?

It depends on who you ask.

If you ask some of the fans on Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, it’s a tragedy and they will be dressed in black forever.

If you ask people like me, it’s great that he is finding himself as both an artist and entertainer.

Does this mean he still is a part of the band, you bet!

Does this mean it’s something to be obsessed over?  To me, No way!  Some will obsess, there is no doubt, however, it is a cause for concern if someone does have major issues with it.

One Direction will move forward, with or without Zayn Malik.

The many fans who still want him in the band has comfort that they have downloads and CD’s of the band with Zayn on them.  At least that is some consolation to the decision by Zayn to leave.

And who knows, Zayn may return in some form, maybe on a reunion tour.

That’s my thought.


EDITORIAL–What is deliriously wrong with this picture?

Thanks Judge Roy Moore for inserting yourself back into the moral fabric, and soiling it.

That’s right!

I said it right here and now…

America’s moral fabric has been soiled and stained with the ineptitude and hypocrisy of judges who claim to act from the Biblical principles that supposedly guide them…when in reality, it is the Southern Baptist Convention and their lobbyists (and their dollars, too)

Two issues drive me to this point…and both have to do with the law.

One issue is the supremacy clause in Article VI, Clause 2, of the Constitution of the United States.