Editorial–If you have no income and you’re older than 26, You’re just out of luck…Obama-Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as “Obamacare” has been a favorite punching bag of Congress.

What about for the Americans who have been out of luck, especially in Alabama where Medicaid Coverage has not been expanded, where college students don’t have many choices for the healthcare they need.

I’m type II Diabetic, and I can’t afford the $75 per visit, nor can I afford the emergency room bill every other year just to get the care I need…frankly, if I were to take the most drastic measure, I’d be better off Dead under “ObamaCare”.

And my experience with the help center in the Healthcare.gov website has been so far from lackluster it’s not even funny, it’s grotesque to be more precise in my disgust with the whole situation. ¬†Frankly, I say fire the whole crew and start over from scratch.

Obviously, the health care system was broken to begin with, but people like me deserve so much better than what we are getting, which is a lot of impotent politicians throwing copious amounts of hot air out and contributing to Global Warming…hell, it’s London Broil by now.

Congress is obsessed with deflating, defunding, and dismantling “ObamaCare”, but until a better solution that is more accommodating for those of us who have no money to get plans through the private way, unless we sell our organs on the black market to pay for it, there is no other way out than the way we have had PRIOR to “ObamaCare”.

While we are on the subject, there is one hospital that needs to be taken over and owned, and that is Randolph Medical Center’s former location on Highway 22. ¬†Regional Medical Center has a golden opportunity to help the people of Roanoke by operating this location as a satellite ER and facility to RMC in Anniston.