Will John Boehner grow a pair about Michael Grimm? (EDITORIAL)

Instead of a New York 1/Time Warner Cable News reporter being thrown from the balcony in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building like he threatened, it seems that Michael Grimm has taken his career over that balcony instead.

Personally, I have deep concern about the behavior of Congressmen who have gone wildly out of control of their ethical behavior.  The decent and honorable thing Michael Grimm could do is to step away, serve his sentence, let the nation move forward, and try again after some time to think of the consequences of his decisions.

Michael Grimm came to infamy when he threatened the NY1/Time Warner Cable News reporter stationed on Capitol Hill during the State of the Union Address.  It was over a request for comment on the allegations surrounding Grimm in a very contentious tax evasion case, the same case he plead guilty to.  The New York Times released a video stream behind the scenes from NY1.

Clearly, Congressmen Gone Wild is not the most flattering title to cobble video of temperamental Congressional delegates.  But as long as Grimm doesn’t resign, the image of the TEA party being the passionate patriots of this nation is seriously put in question.

I implore you, Congressman Grimm, please do what is right for our Nation, and resign.  You can’t serve your time in both Congress and in prison.  One or the other would have to give way.

James M. Barcus
Anchor/Managing Editor
The News With James Barcus


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