The UAB Faculty Senate needs to make a decision–EDITORIAL

It is heartbreaking, not for myself, but for our state, that we as a state could not save a program of Football at University of Alabama-Birmingham.

Maybe these players can transfer without losing eligibility because of the way Ray Watts handled the dismantling and implosion of the Blazer Football Program.  Maybe Nick Saban can start after the College Football National Championship and recruit these guys and Bill Clark.

Maybe Governor Bentley can make University of Alabama Birmingham a separate university, with their own board of trustees and a new president.  Maybe the influence of the Tuscaloosa campus Board does not go well with the plans the Students and Alumni have for the University.

Ray Watts is not the leader needed for the Blazers.  It is inherently obvious that he did botch the way this “sustainability report” was delivered, and maybe the wrong firm handled the recommendations in a way that inflamed passions.

Maybe the UAB players can play under a winning coach in a powerhouse league of the SEC, rather than the smaller Conference USA.

It is time for a decision by the Faculty Senate, and it is a decision that should be delivered on-camera, on all the stations in Birmingham, and maybe ESPN and CBS Sports Network.

#FreeUAB from the senselessness and insanity that seems to plague the overtly political offices of University President and properly govern the University with both the respect and dignity that is accorded to such an institution.


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