This picture came from Facebook.

This picture came from Facebook user Vertis Hawkins by way of Michael Tiller, who shared it with his followers.  A Woman is holding the child in one arm with a gun (not sure if it’s real or fake) in the other hand.

I warned that this would be a graphic picture.

Obviously, the gun appears real, as there are no markings to indicate the gun is either fake or a toy.  The look of panic in the eyes of the child is real, from what I could see of the picture.

The smile on the holder’s face is real.  However, most of society does not see anything amusing or even mildly humorous about holding a gun to a face of innocence.

We as society must condemn such acts of wanton stupidity for what it is.  It is causing terror for the child, as it has me.

If I had a gun pointed at me…I would either drop to the floor hard, faint, do something in my pants, or a myriad of other possibilities.

To the “adult” in the picture, I am going to shout this with all caps for the intended reaction from me.  THAT GUN IS NOT A TOY!  IT IS A DANGEROUS WEAPON AND SHOULD BE HANDLED WITH THE UTMOST CONSIDERATION FOR SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY.  WHAT YOU DID WAS A BONEHEAD MOVE!

Wherever this picture came from, I pray the authorities in that area are looking into this and taking all appropriate moves, including obtaining an arrest warrant for Child Endangerment and cruelty to children.  This woman, whoever she is, made a bonehead move and must pay the price.  If the woman in the picture is adult enough to hold a gun to a child’s face, she’s adult enough to do hard time.  Of course, this is my opinion and not reflective of the judiciary in the jurisdiction where she could be tried.

As for the child, they deserve much better than what they have at the moment.  To be free of this fear and the cruelty that one moment in time frozen forever shows.

My Last Word on this, folks, is that any picture is worth a thousand words.  Don’t make that word Stupid.


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