BREAKING NEWS: Napa Valley site of 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake.




This is a breaking news item, and developments are anticipated.  Please tune in to the stream Special Report – The News With james Barcus for further details.

Damage is already being estimated and fires are raging at some mobile homes this morning after a Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake struck at 3:20AM Pacific time in Napa Valley near San Francisco.  Nearly 90 people were injured in connection with the earthquake, and more are expected as the damage is assessed.  Most are being treated in the triage unit without being admitted to the hospital, though some were admitted into the hospital.  Three are in critical condition with a child transferred to a pediatric trauma center.  The quake did do some damage at Queen of the Valley Medical Center in Napa, but the hospital still remains open.

Governor Jerry Brown  has declared a state of Emergency this morning just before 10AM Pacific.  The Governor had stated the office of emergency management has been in full activation mode since early this morning.  There is expected to be a Federal Disaster Declaration request submitted today.

KGO-TV has reported aftershocks have been taking place varying in the 2.0 to 3.0 Magnitude measurements.  A magnitude 3.6 aftershock was detected four miles south of Napa at 5:47 AM this morning.  More aftershocks are expected in the coming hours and days.

Numerous water lines, sprinklers, and main pipes have broken, hampering firefighting efforts in a mobile home community in Napa Valley as one home was completely engulfed and melted down in the aftermath of the quake.  Four mobile homes were destroyed at that park.  

Retrofitted buildings in Napa weren’t immune to the quake, with one building losing a vacant office to the quake, with bricks and other building components taking out awnings and a tree near the office building.

Another building had a facade that was leaning forward and some concrete work was damaged.  The Napa United Methodist Church cancelled services today.

Some minor highway damage was spotted in the aftermath of the quake and aftermath.  California Highway 121 at California Highway 129 has a large crack across the road.  The California Highway Patrol reported this morning that the California Highway 37 westbound off-ramp leading to Interstate 80 westbound was closed due to possible damage, and they are on-scene inspecting for damage.

A shelter has been set up at Napa High School at 2475  to house victims of the earthquake this morning.


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