BREAKING NEWS: Actor/Comedian Robin Williams Dead at 63


(TNWJB Newsroom–Various Sources)  Robin Williams, actor/comedian/voice actor, was found dead today in Marin Co., California, according to the Sheriff of Marin Co., CA and Williams’ publicist.  He was 63.

Williams was a stand-up comedian who was very popular on HBO with stand up acts that included “Live on Broadway” in 2002 and “Weapons of Self Destruction” in 2011.  Williams got his TV start in a revival of NBC’s Laugh-in, but was more famous in Mork & Mindy that aired on ABC and was recently in The Crazy Ones that aired on CBS.  He starred in movies such as Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, and more.

Williams took news items and spun them in hyper-warp with his wit, often jaded and callous.  “Live on Broadway” was done in the months after the September 11th attacks on New York, with some critics wondering if it was too soon to have Williams do his show.  Laughter, as it is said, was and is the best medicine.

Williams was an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Oscar Winner.  He also worked on Broadway, and was just as capable playing the dramatic as he was leaving the audience in stitches.  Williams is missed already, and his work is available where DVD’s are sold.

This is a developing news item and will be updated as quickly as possible as facts come in.  Sources attributed include CBS News, WIAT/The Associated Press, FOX 11-KTTV/FOX News, Wikipedia (verified with IMDB), CBS app for iPad-The Crazy Ones, and ABC News.  


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