Consumer Alert! SquareTrade Warranty not willing to serve…At First

Tonight, James Barcus, being a tireless advocate for consumers, has a consumer alert for you, so pay attention!

“If you use SquareTrade warranty service or have purchased it recently, you may want to look into a different provider soon. I’ve been dealing with them for the last several days, and while they are rebuilding my computer, they have not said when my reimbursement would come for a previous hard disk replacement I did myself since I couldn’t find a service center and the original hard disk was grinding inside, the DVD drive replacement I paid out of pocket for with a local provider, nor the Recovery Media which turned out defective three times so far. (First time was bad disc 2, then the whole thing was sending drivers to devices I didn’t have installed in the laptop, causing conflicts galore.) I have received a huge runaround from every attendant I have talked with, and demanded supervisors, who would say one thing, and not communicate with the others. I have been dealing with them for the last two weeks. They told me they would send the check for what I had to pay for and it would be within 7 business days. Well, it’s been seven business days and no sign. I call them, still the run around.

I urge and Tiger Direct to find another warranty service provider and leave Square Trade. I paid $89 for a three year warranty, and I expected service, and didn’t get it. Tiger Direct did me very right and just and I applaud them for it, but the warranty service provider, Square Trade, isn’t trading squarely like their name implies.

–From his personal Facebook Profile tonight.

James Barcus tells The News with James Barcus that he submitted the claim for all three receipts at one time, and that he requested the compensation back on August 2nd, 2014 at 7:58 PM Central time, according to e-mail correspondences he showed The News With James Barcus.  For the last nine days, though, he’s received nothing except a huge runaround, and he has had enough of it.

SquareTrade is offered through many vendors, including Sam’s Club, Tiger Direct, and other electronics stores online and retail.  SquareTrade offers warranty service on an extended basis usually after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

Also on the consumer alert tonight, if you have recovery media, it may be loading drivers that you do not necessarily have.  James Barcus also experienced this as he rebuilt his Toshiba Laptop, the very one he had sent off to repair, four times in one weekend last week.

Barcus said, “I found out there was alot of bloat ware and junk in the recovery discs, and I let Toshiba know of the situation, and needless to say they didn’t listen to me at first, but they are replacing the media again, though I expect the same thing this time as before.”

Update 08/12/2014–Barcus tells us that they in fact sent the check USPS to the street address, which would explain why no one was pulling in with the check.  Barcus said to SquareTrade, “I’ve never seen such a level of incompetence.  This is ridiculous!”  The check is expected to be returned to sender.

Barcus also said he was placed on hold for long periods of time, and that he is lucky to have a headset rather than holding the receiver to his ear.

Barcus tells The News, “They did void the check they sent and will deposit it through PayPal.”

Update 08/13/2014–Gone from Improved to worst ever! 

James Barcus has done it again, but this time, they ignored his request for a supervisor. 

And now Mr. Barcus, being the ever persistent watchdog, has demanded of Square Trade Warranty service the job of a certain attendant named “Charles” for being rude, ignoring customer request for supervisor, and not abiding by customer service standards.

All because Barcus sought clarification to try to determine whether he needed to take another week of academic leave for the potential return of the laptop.

“Yes, I did tell the attendant to shut up and let me speak, because he was completely ignorant of the request I submitted to get a supervisor.  I did end up yelling and at that point he hung up on me.  I was tired of the incompetence and rudeness, which I never got from anyone else, so I sent a request to fire the associate who handled my call today.” Barcus told The News

In his e-mail he wrote, Barcus did spell out his demand for his laptop to be returned as stated on the FedEx tracking information and confirmed by attending supervisors on the 12th, when he made his inquiry.  He also stated he would never bring any business to them ever again for the incompetence and stupidity by the telephone representatives.  “All I’ve seen, for the most part, is fraud, and I don’t handle fraud well, I turn it over to people who handle it a whole lot better than I can.” Barcus usually never loses his temper, but after all he’s been through, he couldn’t help it this time and now he’s seeking any consumer advocate’s advice and assistance. 

Update 09/02/2014–Final resolution and vast improvement 

Having been through many phone calls, e-mails, and posts and twitter links, this case has had final resolution, according to James Barcus, the consumer who had enough and took to Twitter to get results.

“I got the laptop back, and no one told me they shut off the radio on the wi-fi, so I called back in and while I was on hold, I figured out what had happened and performed the keyboard function to restore the wi-fi, everything was working and still works and I’m back in school now with a 95.88 grade in my latest class.” Barcus told The News.

Square Trade reached out to Barcus through Twitter and through phone calls, and all had been satisfactory.  

Barcus took to Twitter to say that getting my laptop back would be the true test, as classes would start the following Tuesday.  Once he resumed classes, he came up with a system to use the computers together, networking them with an app called TeamViewer 9.  “It works great and it helps me to face a more receptive posture in the office.  Rather than turning to my side to look, I can be flexible and look either at the monitor on the tower or the monitor on the laptop.  

His viewpoint on SquareTrade has changed, and he would approach it differently, but strongly encouraged supervisors to make sure the operators didn’t talk over the clients 


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