Oprah, America may have racists in it, but Who are YOU to judge?

Before I go into what I need to say, I want to make sure that it is known.  I have black friends, and I have been in ministry with black people.

But, I also know that I am in no position to judge people, I am to love as God loves me.

So when I heard the commentary from Oprah Winfrey, in the video above, I recoiled in my spirit in horror.

Just play to hear what she has said and read below for my comment.


You watched the video, right?

Good, Because now you know where my commentary leads to.

First off, Oprah, former queen of Daytime Talk, How DARE YOU condemn people to die?  How dare you say that Racists have to die!  You are not one to judge, you are Human, just like I am.

Whether you like it or not, Oprah, we all (Even the Racists) are created by God Almighty IN HIS IMAGE, and that means we show the same kind of love and live the godly life that would make God proud!  Judging Racists is no way to live the Godly life.

You are demonstrating the very closed mindness that prevailed in the early episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show you did on Racism.  It’s on Youtube, if you want to see it again and relive the history.  Better yet, let me include it here, Miss Oprah, for your viewing.

Maybe, Oprah, if you could learn from your past successes, You can bring forward a brighter future.  All people deserve life, and no one can judge aside from God.

Maybe we need Jane Elliott to come back, open your Chicago Studio, and we conduct an experiment on what it’s been like 30 years past the time of the first broadcast on this.

James Barcus


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