Maybe ALL incumbents should go from Washington…

In this day of long serving politicans who may or may not agree with the President on alot of things, and the nightly and incessant bickering taking place in Washington, DC, maybe we all should take a moment and recognize the problem in Washington, DC.

Incumbent politicians who think they have a stranglehold on their jobs that they stay, often for decades, and NEVER want to leave.

That’s right, those who serve between 8 and 20 or more terms in the House of Representatives, or those who serve more than 4 terms in the Senate.  These parties neither recognize nor abide by term limits, and thus, are free to serve at the will of the people.

So far, I have voted in every General Election, except for two in between the Presidential years.  I intend to vote in this midterm election because we need to clean house and get rid of the venom and violent revolt in Washington, DC, and since it is the Incompetent Incumbents that are bungling things up in DC, we need a total revamp of the people in the offices.  I do concede that it will take longer to clean the Senate, but it can be done.

I believe the Constitution should mandate the term limits for House and Senate Members.  2 6 year terms for the Senate, Five 2 year terms for the House.

If the President can’t serve more than two terms, total of 8 years, then Congress needs to abide by the same, even if we have to get it written into the Constitution.

This should open the playing field for more citizens interested in running for Office.

That’s my thought, what’s yours?



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