Ever wondered how to keep your Child’s Facebook Profile safe?

There is something about Facebook that is a blessing and curse at the same time.  The Drama and flair for the crisis in Facebook has brought ire to both Parents and law enforcement officials.

Facebook is a very effective tool for bullies as they can hide in the cloak of secrecy and belittle worse than in person.

My solution, personally speaking, is to balance letting your kids have the Facebook account with supervision.  How long or short a time you desire to supervise is up to you and your best judgment.

Find attached to this post is a Word document I made with a template that you can edit and customize for your needs.


For some it might be a pain and the kids will almost roll their eyes, but I can say this that it is at least something that can help them be safe.

The best way we can protect our Kids today is to be proactive in that protection.  This Memo that I created with a template from Microsoft Office is one way to do that.



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