Please Work on your own house before buying another…(EDITORIAL)

The business channels have been making a deal out of Charter Communications wanting to purchase Time Warner Cable.  The price (both per share and total) amounts to above $60 Billion.

Before Charter Communications could even get the stronghold in the Time Warner Cable territory, they should do some fact checking of their own, or better yet, have the FCC and Securities and Exchange Commission do it for them.

I admit, I have a  bit of a personal stake in it, as I subscribe to their service.  And for the last year, even through having the Flu over the Christmas Holidays, I still called in to them when my family and I had problems connecting to their lackluster service.  Their claim for investing $2 Billion in infrastructure upgrades sounded good, but what is said on the TV, Radio, Print, internet, and hold queue is not what translated to me.  Excessive downtime, equipment that could not keep connected and cable condition that was tantamount to treason of contract (this was no ordinary breach) convinced me that I had been scammed for a year and I wanted out.

I filed not one, but two complaints with the Federal Communications Commission, and received a limited amount of credit, but not enough to keep me satisfied after more downtime and frustration.

Tonight I called in, and was told after requesting a supervisor that I couldn’t talk to one.  I informed her I would contact the Congressional Delegation.  I didn’t tell her I would post this on my news blog.  I figured if they look back they would know that I am a Journalism student through Ashford University online and that my consumer advocacy targeting is right on them.

I will eventually connect again, where and with who I do not know, but I will and I will defend the fellow Charter subscribers and call on Charter to drop the Time Warner Cable deal and FIX their own infrastructure and keep who they have happy for a change.

This is a STRENUOUS OBJECTION to the deal, and I intend to contact Congress about it.

On a side note…After I hung up the phone from Charter, the connection was quite miraculously restored.



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