It’s Coming Together…

I originally intended the broadcast production to be–in a sense–a programming alternative to the traditional newscasts.  However, that did not turn out the way I wanted it to turn out so far, with technical difficulties and other problems arising.

I will be aiming to do what is, in the terms of a relative newbie to the TV business, demo reels.

Basically, a Demo Reel demonstrates what skills you have and what you know so far.  Usually, demo reels are a great idea on how much training you really need.

Running a blog, that gives you news writing experience, photojournalism experience, and contact with many people outside of the realm of academia.

News directors and general managers like the fact that so many of the graduates today know how to write in social media and blogs, especially with WordPress, and can harness the skills to amplify the reach the Newsroom has in any event, from normal newsdays to breaking news events, such as the President’s visit to Chattanooga earlier in 2013.  It now takes the skills of a blog publisher, photojournalist, reporter, anchor, and producer to create and maintain a blog and some news stations have converted their websites to use WordPress.

My thought is that when I do finally graduate (Eventually) I will have the skills necessary to both produce the social media outreach of the station and report and anchor the news so the people can have a trusted voice and face to view each weeknight or weekend, or even weekday morning.

Until next time, Stay Tuned!



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