Man Tries To Pay Cab Driver With Fake Bill, Leaves Wallet Behind

From the Dumb Crooks Files…Denver Police is trying to track down a man they say tried to pay a taxi driver with a counterfeit bill, but, left his wallet behind…Oops!

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police are trying to track down a man who they say tried to pay a taxi driver with a counterfeit bill.

According to police, on Wednesday evening, after a taxi ride, a man paid the driver with what the driver believed to be a counterfeit bill.

“After the taxi driver issued the passenger his change, the man began to exit the taxi, but not without grabbing the bill he paid with back from the driver,” police said in a Facebook statement. “However, upon exiting the cab, the suspect unknowingly dropped his wallet and the taxi driver recovered it, reporting the crime to DPD.”

Police found some humor in the crime and included the following in the Facebook post:

“SPECIAL MESSAGE: Javarris Smith, age 23, we have your wallet. You can go to any police district office to discuss the matter.”

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Vina School Rebuilds

This is heartbreaking that there are those who use their public sector jobs for selfish reasons.

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) – The Vina community is rebuilding what is broken. Parents, students, school and city authorities gathered at Vina High School on Monday for a community awareness meeting.

‘We just wanted to address different concerns. People are bringing up different concerns about what had happened in the last month,” said Donald Borden, Assistant Superintendent. “We just wanted to let the community be aware that this is not a reflection on the school.  It’s a reflection on some bad decisions by some individual. These meetings are a step towards moving forward.”

Last month, former coaches Sonny Tibbs and Brian Scott Keeton were both charged with having sex with a high school student.

The news left parents uneasy and a community wondering what’s next. The county sheriff’s office and school board decided to conduct a community awareness meeting. The main purpose of the meeting is to answer any questions…

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BREAKING NEWS: Public/Dignitary remembrance begins in Sowheto, South Africa for Nelson Mandela


(NBC News/The News With James Barcus Breaking News Center)–The Public Memorial Service for Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, who died last week at the age of 95.  All the networks are carrying the coverage live, where it is just about Noon there.  ((UPDATE 12/11/2013–SABC News continues the live feed through its’ Youtube Channel.  I have left it up as a courtesy to SABC News.))

Stay Tuned to The News with James Barcus for more details.//

It’s Coming Together…

I originally intended the broadcast production to be–in a sense–a programming alternative to the traditional newscasts.  However, that did not turn out the way I wanted it to turn out so far, with technical difficulties and other problems arising.

I will be aiming to do what is, in the terms of a relative newbie to the TV business, demo reels.

Basically, a Demo Reel demonstrates what skills you have and what you know so far.  Usually, demo reels are a great idea on how much training you really need.

Running a blog, that gives you news writing experience, photojournalism experience, and contact with many people outside of the realm of academia.

News directors and general managers like the fact that so many of the graduates today know how to write in social media and blogs, especially with WordPress, and can harness the skills to amplify the reach the Newsroom has in any event, from normal newsdays to breaking news events, such as the President’s visit to Chattanooga earlier in 2013.  It now takes the skills of a blog publisher, photojournalist, reporter, anchor, and producer to create and maintain a blog and some news stations have converted their websites to use WordPress.

My thought is that when I do finally graduate (Eventually) I will have the skills necessary to both produce the social media outreach of the station and report and anchor the news so the people can have a trusted voice and face to view each weeknight or weekend, or even weekday morning.

Until next time, Stay Tuned!


Crews Working Nonstop To Keep The Roads Clear

That’s a preview of what could head eastward to Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US. Stay Tuned!

CBS Denver

[worldnow id=9600120 width=420 height=278 type=video]

DENVER (CBS4) – Crews have been out nearly nonstop since Tuesday night clearing roads and highways, and as Colorado gets into Wednesday night and sub-freezing temperatures, things can really get icy and drivers should drive accordingly.

For seven years snow plow operator Fred Ramirez has seen his share of winter storms — each storm with its own unique problems — and this one is no different.

“A lot colder, not much heavy snow, it’s a light snow,” Ramirez said.

It’s the cold weather that has the 100 metro trucks continuing to use mostly solid de-icer.

“Try to plow it all off before night hits again and freezes it all up,” Ramirez said.

“Our crews will continue to be on full snow shift,” Mindy Crane with the Colorado Department of Transportation said.

CDOT says though the snow may not be as strong Wednesday night, ice is…

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