First WHNT Employee Remembers Kennedy Assassination

With 6 days to go, WHNT aired CBS audio under the WHNT test pattern. Watch the livestream from CBS News at

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– On November 22, 1963 WHNT News 19 was still six days away from our official first broadcast.  We were transmitting a signal, but it was just a black and white test pattern.

“We had the ticker from AP and we also had the CBS ticker feed,” remembers Aelwyn Thomas, the station’s first employee.   “It was like a big machine and it just tick tick ticked and if there was a lot it went really fast.   All of a sudden, it was about 10 to one central time, and the ticker just went crazy for CBS.”

Thomas says when they first saw the news that Kennedy had been shot, they believed the information might be a mistake.  But in realizing it was accurate, station founder Charles Grisham decided he wanted to go ahead and start broadcasting the CBS coverage.

“Mr Grisham got on the…

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Unforseen technical difficulties prove to hamper the broadcast aspect of The News…but…

Hi, Everyone!

You may have thought I had abandoned the broadcast aspect of the blog.

Well, Some technology is being a pest.

Microsoft sent an update down that proved detrimental to the operating of the computer that supports this blog.  From the user end it has crashed twice in one week as I start a new job in training for technical support for a company.

While I have been focused on this and the schooling to become a Journalist, I have put this on the back burner at the present.

So, Many of you will see updates from a Tennessee Valley TV station I was a weather watcher for early in my career in volunteer weather observation.  WHNT News 19, which is celebrating their 50th Anniversary on the air, will provide updates by me auto reblog as they post.

I want to say thanks for everyone who watches this blog and hope to h ave more news in the coming year of 2014.