Update: Ayvani Perez found safe, Suspects make court appearances

Ayvani-Hope-Perez-PosterUpdate 09/19/2013–A criminal complaint has been filed against the suspects.  Two have been named and two are still on the loose.  Agents are also questioning the mother of Ayvani Perez hoping to shed some light on the situation that took place early Tuesday Morning.

Wildrego Jackson, a career criminal with a history, was taken into Federal custody after making an appearance in Fulton County Court.

According to the story on 11Alive News’ website, a neighbor who is also a law enforcement officer informed the FBI she noticed a Dodge Challenger parked outside her house and a small 4-door silver car backed up to the house across the street.  Another witness heard screams and saw the (Dodge) Challenger speed away.

The ransom demands Ayvani’s family received came from a blocked number, and the demand was for money and drugs for the girl’s release.  There were a total of 5 calls between the family and the suspects.

The FBI tracked down the phone’s owner, who said she gave it to Jackson one week before the kidnapping.  Agents also learned she rented the Dodge Challenger for Jackson.

Even though Ayvani Perez is found safe, the two suspects in the sketches are considered armed and dangerous, and the hotline to call is (770) 477-3513 or call 911.

(11ALIVE-WXIA/OTHER SOURCES)CLAYTON COUNTY, GEORGIA–Authorities in Georgia are asking for help in finding a 14 year old abducted this morning from a home in the Ellenwood neighborhood.

A nationwide Amber Alert was issued this morning at 3AM Eastern time.  The suspects made a demand for $10,000 for her safe return.  The Family was getting the money together at the present hour (8:00PM Central time) after receiving the demand.  Not much is being said at the present time about the suspects or their movement.

According to Clayton County Police, at approximately 2:15AM Eastern time, two suspects barged into the home demanding money and other valuables. When the family had nothing to give, the suspects shot and wounded the family pet and took Ayvani Hope Perez.

The Suspects drove away in a late model sedan, either a Chrysler or Dodge sedan, but the description was later refined.  Later in the day they made a ransom demand.  Police and other agencies managed to trace to a location that has not been disclosed as of yet.

A Vigil was held to pray for Ayvani’s safe return earlier tonight, as police and agencies were looking for Ayvani.  Social Media bloggers, Facebook pages, and other media were asked to spread the Amber Alert as far and as wide as they could.

Once again, this is a NATIONWIDE AMBER ALERT, and the hotline to call is (770) 477-3513 or call 911.  The suspects should be considered ARMED and DANGEROUS.  Police say Ayvani is considered in EXTREME DANGER.

Stay tuned to The News with James Barcus for further details.


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