NCAA Officials need NFL style Challenge ability…

I just watched a play, and I am furious!

CBS Sports is airing the game now, it’s #1 Alabama @ #6 Texas A&M.

Clinton-Dix from Alabama collided with the intended receiver for Texas A&M just as Manziel threw the ball to his intended receiver.  Originally the referee was going to eject Clinton-Dix from the game calling it a targeting penalty.  He even told the ref that his intention was to catch the ball…

Thanks to official review, though, Clinton-Dix got to stay in the game, but Alabama was penalized 15 yards.

By the way, ‘Bama is up 21-14 with less than 6 minutes in the first half.

Now, for my thought on this situation.

The NCAA needs to invest in red flags that coaches can put in their pockets during the game.  This is where the Coach can challenge the call, even the penalties.  They could receive the flag back if they have a successful challenge.  But once two failed challenges take place, the coach loses the right to challenge a call in the half.  He would get the flags back in the 3rd quarter’s beginning and use them through the rest of the second half.  Again, once two failed challenges happen during the course of the half, the coach loses the right to challenge.  When the game goes into Overtime, One red flag for each coach, and one unsuccessful challenge causes a loss of Challenge ability.

The Officials can review at any time.

That’s my thought.



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