Animal Update: Old Dogs With Dementia

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – September is World Alzheimer’s Month and many people may not know, animals can be affected by the disease as well.

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett with the San Francisco SPCA said it is a disease that crops up as pets age.

“Dogs and some cats will experience age-related dementia and we call this condition Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or CDS. It’s important to remember just like with humans, not all animals will become senile as they get older,” she said.

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Dr. Scarlett said the condition is very similar to what happens in humans.

“When they’ve looked at brain tissue of geriatric dogs that have had Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, they find these deposits of beta amyloid plaques, very similar to what happens in humans with Alzheimer’s,” Scarlett said. “And these plaques just get in the way of normal nerve function…

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