BREAKING NEWS–FBI rescues 105 Children; Arrests 150 pimps


UPDATE 11:18AM Central Time–NBC News just finished streaming a live press conference by the FBI in connection with “Operation Cross Country”.  The raids netted an arrest of 150 pimps involved in the exploitation of children, with some details conflicting.  NBC News reports the youngest age to be 13, while Reuters reports the youngest age to be 9.    Pete Williams of NBC News reports the operation brought arrests from the streets, motels, casinos and social media platforms.  Some of the cases involved the use of a popular online classified website called “Backpage” to sell children for sex.

WASHINGTON, DC–(NBC News/MSNBC)  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is holding a press conference right now in connection with the rescue of 105 children in a sting operation taking 150 pimps off the streets.

NBC News is streaming the press conference LIVE on their website…

More details to follow.

Stay Tuned!


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