The new Enemy of the State, Poor Americans

Just before going to bed tonight, (it’s 1:16AM as I write this) I happen to open the CNN App on my iPad I got for college (and storm tracking and other fun things too…I admit). What I found disturbed me quite angrily.  So much so that I write this while reading the article.

The House Republicans (or most of them) stripped the Food Stamp provisions of the Farm Bill.  Food Stamps are a way low income and no income Americans survive.  Food Stamps, or known today as SNAP, is the largest domestic safety net against starvation that America has, and it was effectively amputated from the Farm Bill.  

While it is true that it takes $78 Billion to deal with SNAP, Republicans were trying to get a farm bill passed that would be more “fiscally in line” with the deep deficit reductions that need to take place. 

I agree that we as a nation should take care of our homeland before taking care of the rest of the world.  The best way to do this is to block until further notice all foreign aid to all the other nations.  Then slash salaries of Congress and the President’s Administration, including at the very top, by at least 50%.  Tax the wealthiest members of our society a luxury tax, and make it a felony to personally enrich off a Federal Project.  Those methods, and many more, will help America more than the band-aid over a gaping wound.  

While it is true that Farmers need to plan ahead, Congress should have planned ahead and vote the initiatives in anyway, add it to the Farm Bill, and have a bill that is worthy to support our families who struggle to feed the household daily while those in Washington enjoy the gluttony of the State.

I thought about running for office, but I now think that is the ruin of society.  I’ll just continue going back to school and start my broadcast online.  Maybe the Journalist can help hold Congress Accountable.  


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