First Broadcast coming soon.

EDIT 7-29-2013–I have figured it out and will be testing the waters to make a broadcast.  Once I make the broadcast (A preview of the new newscast) I will encode it with Youtube.  Stay Tuned!


I’m James Barcus, and I will be Anchor, Managing Editor, Producer, Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Teleprompter Operator, Distribution Associate, Executive Producer, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher…well, you get the picture…

The News with James Barcus will be the first independently produced newscast.  Youtube will be the primary vehicle of choice, but other vehicles of delivery will be used in coming months.

I am a Journalism Student, and will be graduating Ashford University in the spring of 2015 (Could be pushed to Summer or Winter 2016 if things don’t go exactly as planned, which it never does go as planned).  The broadcast will cover the world of news that shows up in the newscasts of world news in the major networks and some news that you should know but don’t usually see it.  I will scope out every major news source, from the Associated Press to the local news sources around the world, and find stories that you should know about and the viewpoints that you don’t ordinarily get.

Naming the broadcast The News with James Barcus I admit is a throwback to a CNBC show The News with Brian Williams, or some other anchor that happened to get it after Williams got the chair at NBC Nightly News.  I intended it to be that way.

When you watch the broadcast, or listen to it as I will try to make it available on Itunes in the near future, I want to hear from you, so that I can improve.  Log in to and tell me what you think.  I will try to incorporate changes into the broadcast as time goes on.

If you are an advertiser, and would like to sponsor a segment or the entire broadcast, or any component within, contact me at

Thanks for watching!

“Good Night and Good Luck!”–Edward R. Murrow, CBS News


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